Tea Tree Oil

Being distilled from Melaleuca Alternifolia plant of Australia, the Tea tree oil is the most popular essential oil used in a variety of skin care products. Presence of volatile hydrocarbons makes tea tree oil absorb through the skin pores quickly. This gentle oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It will sooth skin infections, kill germs and fight skin fungus. Its fast absorbing capability makes tea tree oil suitable to be used in topical medications, massage creams that are directed to kill germs and soothe skin.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Skin care: Tea Tree oil mixed with other products such as coconut oil is used to skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, skin irritation, bacterial and viral infections
  2. Head lice: added to the coconut oil, tea tree oil is used to treat head lice effectively
  3. Respiratory infection: Tea tree oil added to the diffuser can help reduce respiratory infections, congestion and treat bad breath
  4. Toenail fungus: Tea tree oil applied on foot can help reduce toenail fungus and foot order

How to use:

Aromatic Use: Use in humidifier and oil diffuser to diffuse it throughout your home. You can inhale tea tree oil directly through the bottle as well

Topical use: Tea tree oil can be used through the skin alone or by dissolving in other substance such as coconut oil and cosmetic products of your choice

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