How to get rid of acne!!! Regardless of what skincare product you use, you cannot just deny the mood spoiling elements that acne can cause when! After all, there’s no denying the mood-swings that a girl faces anytime and every time she encounters acne growing on her skin. And irrespective of whatsoever skincare product you use for acne treatment, you just cannot get rid of it so easily. Isn’t it? Hence, to help you out with the best ways of getting rid of acne here’s presenting everything about acne treatment and the best way to treat it! But in the first place, understand what exactly causes acne ! To know more, keep reading on.


Acne happens to be the disease of the face’s hair follicles. It can also grow on the hair follicles of your chest or back affecting almost all the teenagers during their crucial stage of puberty. As a matter of fact, it is never caused by any type of bacteria. However, the role of bacteria is seen in the development of acne. Also during their mid and late 20s, there’s a possibility of women developing acne in their skin.

It is a form of a simple pimple starting to develop in the skin pores and then gets clogged with the oil type, specifically known as sebum. This normally lubricates the hair as well as the skin. Acne happens to be the common thing during the crucial stage of puberty right when the hormones start going into the overdrive and causing the skin in overproducing sebum. Most of the oil-producing glands usually are there on the nose, forehead, as well as chin. And the area known as the T-zone happens to be the area where it is most prone to grow acne.


You should never forget to wash your face at least twice every day. Use warm water for that! You can even use mild soaps that help you with acne. All you have to do is gently massage the face with the circular motions. Don’t forget that scrubbing would not be a good idea! A a matter of fact, scrubbing can even cause skin for becoming irritated. Right upon cleansing, you can apply any over-the-counter lotion.

You should also avoid touching the area when you are suffering from acne. Remember that touching the area can even spread the bacteria causing pores in becoming irritated and inflamed.

You should also remember to remove the makeup right before going to sleep. When you buy any makeup, you should make sure that you choose good brands.

You should never pop acne. Knowing that fact that it is tempting, it can even make things worse! Popping the acne would just make the skin more infected! And what if it leads to more redness and swelling? In case you notice the pimple coming right before a big event, you can make the best use of tea tree essential oil.

In this fast-paced world, there has been a wide range of skincare products that have been available. However, what makes tea tree essential oil an important thing to consider for the treatment of acne have been mentioned right below. To know more, keep reading on. But before getting a fair idea about the usage of tea tree oil, here’s presenting some quick facts about it. To know more, read on.

Quick Facts to Know about Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil happens to be an essential oil that has been distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia plant’s leaves and is found in the land of Australia.
The oil comes with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, properties.
Anyone encountering a severe problem with acne can get make the best use of essential oil, especially the tea tree oil.
Before using it, you should know that the tea tree oil must never be swallowed by anyone.


According to various pieces of research, the application of tea tree oil for the treatment of acne has been limited. Nevertheless, oil is useful for a wide range of skin problems. Acne, is one of the most common skin problems, can be treated with flying colors, only when you get hold of tea tree essential oil. As a matter of fact, studies have found a very significant difference between placebo and tea tree oil gel for treating acne. The ones who have already been treated with the use of essential oil have already experienced some improvement in both severities of acne as well as the total acne count. Some of the benefits of this essential oil have been mentioned right below.

Tea tree oil helps in quell inflammation. This is apparently due to the high concentration of terpinen-4-ol that it consists of. As a matter of fact, terpinen-4-ol happens to be the compound that comes with some effective anti-inflammatory properties. In the animal tests, this compound was also found in suppressing the inflammatory activities only in cases of some mouth infections. On the other hand, in human beings, it is topically applied oil which reduces the swelling in histamine-induced skin inflammation.

It is also used for healing treatments in other parts of the world for apparently more than a century. And this is, particularly for the skin conditions. In recent years, it has been used for a wide range of conditions. It is also best known for antibacterial activities. Also, according to research, the oil is associated with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities that come with the capability of damaging cell walls of several bacteria.

The effectiveness of tea tree oil also highlights the capability of killing a number of fungi and yeasts.

Contact dermatitis
Contact dermatitis happens to be a form of eczema that is caused by contact with allergen or irritant. There are treatments for the contact dermatitis that also includes zinc oxide, tea tree oil, as well as clobetasone butyrate. According to results, the tea tree oil happens to be more effective for suppressing the allergic contact dermatitis. But it does not have any impact on the irritant contact dermatitis. The oil may induce some allergic contact dermatitis in people.


Beside its unsightly appearance, the acne scars can even affect someone’s confidence level. However, acne scars usually aren’t easy to get removed. You might get multiple options such as chemical or laser treatments but these aren’t considered to be the best ones. That’s why the importance of making the use of essential oil comes into the picture. Many of you might be looking for suitable alternatives to get the best treatment for acne. Therefore, the use of tea tree essential oil happens to be the finest in this particular scenario. To know more about what the research indicates, keep reading on.

As far as Research is concerned!

Tea tree oil happens to be familiar for the antimicrobial as well as the anti-inflammatory properties that it comes with. As a matter of fact, it also helps in reducing the inflammation which is associated with acne. Apart from that, it can help in preventing acne lesions. The effectiveness of this oil for the treatment of acne has been widely accepted. Hence the effect on scarring has become another matter in this world altogether.

While it is available for the treatment of acne and other skin-oriented conditions, research indicates that the effectiveness of the oil is still lacking when it comes to the treatment of the acne scars. In accordance with the effect of the tea tree oil on scarring, there are numerous studies that give you a viewpoint. A study indicates that it has positive effects when used for the treatment of acne scars. Additionally, tea tree oil is also useful in reducing the hypertrophic appearance of the scars.


There are numerous ways by which you can use tea tree oil and help reduce acne scars. The ways have been mentioned below.

As it is known as a common and natural antiseptic, the oil also comes with the capability of combating bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It can fight with such microbes. The tea tree oil is also responsible for preventing acne development and other issues related to skin that generally results in scarring.
It is also known as a natural moisturizer. Therefore, the oil helps in moisturizing the skin. Not just that, it also helps in restoring the natural balance of oil. The excessive production of the oil can even make your skin susceptible to the issues causing scarring issues.
It comes with anti-oxidants apart from other nutrients. These help you in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful all day long.
The oil helps in removing the dirt and old skin cells from your hair follicles. Thus, it is also responsible for regenerating the tissue of your skin. As a matter of fact, this gives the allowance of the quick growth of your new and healthy skin. Not just that, it also helps in reducing the likelihood of scarring.
The last thing to keep in mind is that tea tree oil helps in penetrating deep into the pores. Not only can it remove toxins but it can also prevent the clogging of acne and contribute to the outbreaks of acne. The process is also helpful in lightening the scarred areas of your skin.


The effectiveness of treating acne scars is unclear about tea tree oil. But there is no harm in trying out the remedy in general. Some ideas have been mentioned right below. To know more, read on.

For spot treatment, you are required to put the coconut oil in one bowl and then add three or four drops of the oil. Mix it well and then use the Q-tip for applying this particular mixture directly to the areas when you see scars. Make it sit until the next day!
You can even put yogurt in one bowl and include three drops of this oil. Upon mixing it pretty well, you have to apply the mixture on your scars. Let it rest for about 20 minutes! Then, wash off.
You can even mix a cup of water with the inclusion of one teaspoon of witch hazel and two or three drops of the oil in one bowl. Now, you have to pour the solution into the spray bottle. Then, shake the mixture right before you are spray9ing it on your skin where the scars are there. After spraying, you have to make the best use of your hand to rub it gently.


Too much of anything is never the right decision. Similarly, using too much of the tea tree oil will never cure you or treat scars. In fact, using it too much can often lead to skin irritation, thereby making the scenario worse for you. You can buy Pure Extracts Tea Tree Oil either from our site or flipkart with a packing of 10ml.

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